Fossil is for everyone. Their core values of inclusivity and creativity inspired our 2018 campaign. Rather than changing their quintessential american brand for the modern era, we leaned into fundamental American values: values founded on the belief that we are all allowed to dream, and that we bridge our past experiences and future aspirations by making the most of the here and now. Owning our time, making the most of today, is something that everyone can share. That’s why, to launch Fossil’s new Gen 4 smart watches, we didn’t focus on all the dazzling new technology. We placed our focus on what the technology allows you to do; Own Your Time. Want to know more? View Fossil’s revived brand book.

Check out their social here: We’re updating it daily. 

Agency // 247 Laundry Service
Client // Fossil
Project // 2018 Campaign
Senior Art Director / Juliana Gutowski
ACD / Kristina Litvin
Designer /  Cori Sussman