Luminous Diamonds: Made Under Pressure

In a small local jewelry store in Virginia I helped my mother pick out my sister’s engagement ring. I stared at the diamonds and sighed.

“No man has ever bought me jewelry.”

My mother picked up a large Art Deco diamond and placed it on my right ring finger.

“So buy one for yourself. Every time to look down at it, remember you worked for it. It’s your money, your accomplishment, and you deserve beautiful things. Don’t wait for a man.” 

My Mother’s diamond pledge inspired the line “Made Under Pressure” and birthed Luminous Diamonds’ empowering campaign. The work is close to my heart and I still wear my Art Deco Diamond with pride. 

Harpers Bazaar and Elle both loved the camapign too. 

Project // Luminous Diamonds: Made Under Pressure
Agency // Laundry Service
Pitch Senior Art Director / Juliana Gutowski
Pitch CD / Matt Herr
Director / Katherine White
ACD / Lauren Fodero, Kristina Litvin
Art Director / Summer Schneider
Copywriter / Nick Delisi

Clio // Fashion & Beauty, Bronze, 2020

** Role: I helped ideate and develop this concept, later moving onto other work. The production was executed  by the wonderful team mentioned above. **