In early February, Musicbed Hyper-targeted New York ECDs with personalized billboards as part of their campaign “Make Them Listen”.  The campaign was brilliant and unexpected, but it had one major flaw.
They almost exclusively targeted men.

Only a nominal number of Musicbed’s executions mentioned women. Those that did were in small-scale.

“[Musicbed] had planned to call out female creatives but decided against it because they were worried that it would look like the company was harassing women.” - Adweek

My copy partner and I decided to send a message to the ad industry.

In direct response to Musicbed’s OOH campaign, my team pitched our campaign to the COO of Laundry Service. Instead of complaining about the industry’s misogyny, we decided to act. Our “clapback campaign” shines a light on the gender gap in the ad industry by placing ads next to the original billboards driving a stark comparison between the men they recognized and the women they ignored.

Agency // 247 Laundry Service
Project // Make Them Listen
Senior Art Director / Juliana Gutowski
Copywriter /  Molly Falco

ACD / John Paley
CD / Michael Kremer